Every month, Testify brings five different storytellers to the stage to share their stories. (This month we have 6.)

Meet the storytellers for Testify’s 8th Anniversary show on September 30th.

Mark Gifford
Mark Gifford has been a professor of composition and rhetoric at the University of Texas in San Antonio for sixteen years. Mark is also a storyteller and has performed in multiple shows, including several appearances at Testify, as well as on Texas Public Radio’s “Worth Repeating,” at Hyde Park Storytelling, Backyard Story Night, and Story Bar. Mark co-founded the YouTube channel “Like Minded Lunatics” with his writing partner and friend Todd Wright, and while Mark stills writes and performs solo, his greatest joy is collaborating on projects with his friends and sharing those collaborations on the Like Minded Lunatics channel.

Shayne Larango
Shayne Larango is the StorySource for Ten-gallon Texas Tales and the “Biggest Liar in Texas” awarded by the George West Storyfest. She tells stories around Tejas, the USA, and as far away as Istanbul. A Sugar-Coated Hellcat who dearly loves to laugh, she believes even serious stories deserve a celebratory atmosphere. See more of what Shayne is up to at

Aaron Salinas
Aaron Salinas was born in the crown jewel hidden in the mesquite trees Kingsville, TX. An actor, writer and director, Aaron loves to connect through stage, film or the dinner table.

Aralyn Hughes
Aralyn is  a coach, a performer, and an Austin icon. She is known for talking about aspects of Sex, Love, Death, Aging, and Feminism. Whether in one of her many one woman shows, the film documentary about her, or her anthology called “Kid Me Not,” Aralyn can tell you a story about it.

Jack Darling
Jack Darling is an award winning writer, magician, Rascal and Romantic… Out to prove beautiful thangs come from Trailer Parks….Y’all. Recently did a two part Series for the Strangers podcast called Jack Be Nimble. Has Performed at Bedpost Confessions, Velvetta room, Cap City Comedy and perhaps even in your living room.

Todd Wright
Todd Wright is an Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of Texas at San Antonio and received his MFA in Creative Writing from The New School in New York City. His stories can be found in the San Antonio Current, Booth Journal, and Raliegh Quarterly. He and Mark Gifford created the Like Minded Lunatics channel on YouTube and perform their creative work live on stage in central and south Texas. He lives in San Antonio with his wife Rachel, his daughter Ruby, and his son Jack. He reads Marvel, plays Nintendo, watches Friday the 13th, and loves chicken wings.