Every month, Testify brings five different storytellers to the stage to share their stories.

July Storytellers

Meet the storytellers for Testify’s upcoming virtual show, All’s Well

Alex Garza

Born and raised in Texas, Alex Garza has been writing and performing most of his life. He has acted in and directed dozens of plays. He has written several one-man plays and performed his solo shows all over South and Central Texas. He has performed his one-man play, “Abuelita’s Christmas Carol,” during the holidays for the last 12 years, including an appearance at the Santa Monica Playhouse in 2012. His original plays are inspired by his own life and experiences, and he has created work that appeals to family audiences, but also diverse audiences. His mission as an artist is to find ways to share with others in the human experience, and to perform stories and characters that entertain but also inspire and make a difference.

Abel Lomas

Abel is a software sales executive and enjoys working with amazing, talented teams and customers. At home, he claims to be the worst dad in the world, which he’ll prove through his story tonight. When he’s not giving bad dad advice, you’ll find him cycling, cooking, hiking, running, writing, playing improv with his troupe mates, or walking Skippy, the perfect Boston Terrier and real man of the house.

Jami Lynne Mendoza 

Former USAW Athlete in Olympic Weightlifting turned full-time Gym Owner and Artist. When she is not in the gym training, or coaching athletes, she is creating artwork for tattoos, while in pursuit of her own personal tattooing career. She has a deep fascination with horror, death, and rebirth processes. As a death chasing survivor, she wanted to create a place/brand that reflects and embodies what it means to continually embrace the darker sides of being human, as a way to understand ourselves for the sake of wholeness. She wanted to create something that brings the primitive roots back into our lives in order to fight for nonconformity, and believes we were born to be powerfully progressive, wild, feral creatures.

Sarah Andrea Ruiz

Sarah Andrea Ruiz has lived in Austin for nearly 20 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard University and a Master’s degree in Information Studies from UT-Austin. She is the author of the beloved and award-winning Helen of Hollingsworth trilogy, a YA series written under the name Sarah Rodriguez Pratt; and she co-hosts the movie podcast What the Kids Were Watching. She is passionate about birds, knitting, and the music of Dillon Francis. You can visit her blog at and follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @QuailSchool.

Emily Sue Tomac

Emily Sue was born in San Luis Obispo, California. She attended college in the cornfields of Iowa and lived abroad near the ghats on the Ganges river before settling down in Austin five years ago. She’s a poet, improviser, vegan, big sister, and dog mom, whose day job involves leading a team of researchers as they use data to tell stories at a tech startup here in town. She still loves to hike, dress up in costumes, and dance all night if you’ll let her, but she has learned to appreciate the power of four-wheel-drive since the time of this particular story. (Funnily enough, Emily Sue is actually telling this story from her parents’ house in Templeton, California, near where she grew up on the Central Coast. She’s happy to have escaped the Texas heat – at least for a little while.)