Every month, Testify brings five different storytellers to the stage to share their side of three different stories.

October Storytellers

Meet the storytellers for Testify’s October show, The Craft.

Steve Birch

Steve is a heart-centered advocate for living a meaningful life. He has been a global promoter for emerging self-empowerment thought leaders. He spent many years as an R&B/Pop lyricist for prominent recording artists. He is now collecting a lifetime of stories for a book, a blog, and a digital product.

Ryan Gossen

Ryan Gossen grew up in Northern California. He became, in the following order: an English major, construction worker, maid, ski bum, dishwasher, arborist, scientist, software designer, corporate hack, and finally, writer of stories. His work has been published in Underground Voices, Jet Fuel Review, Rumblefish Quarterly, The Showbear family Circus, and Forbidden Peak Press.

Angelica Norton

Angelica Norton is a full-time landscape designer for Open Envelope Studio and mom to two girls by day, and somehow squeezes in time to sew, write, embroider, and record episodes for her podcast Chatty Crafties at night. Don’t let the manic energy fool you – she recuperates by burying herself in a blanket and reading. Check out some landscapes at and podcasts at, depending on what you’re into.

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is a Navy and Army National Guard veteran who can talk to anybody. He spent his time in the Navy living months under water as a submariner along the Mediterranean. Born in California, but raised in Conroe, Texas, Bryan now calls Austin home. When he’s not working at his state job, you can find him at record stores and coffee shops around town with his fiance and their beagle Banjo.

Trece Spalten

Teacher, writer, and diviner of mysteries, Trece has cultivated a life-long love affair with storytelling and soothsaying. He considers the genre of urban fantasy as a lifestyle, encouraging people to make friends with the local, uncanny presences in their neighborhoods. You can commonly find Trece buying more books than he has time to read, spending luxurious time with his partner and their fur-babies, hiking the trails of the Greenbelt, or heading off on cross-country road trips.