Every month, Testify brings five different storytellers to the stage to share five very different stories.

March Storytellers

Meet the storytellers for Testify’s March 2019 show, Shelter From the Storm.

Morgan Anderson

Morgan is a gardener who usually writes her stories for people with plants, but she likes words too. She’s just trying to be good to herself and her many chosen people, hoping the world will start to hope again soon.

Paul Normandin

Paul Normandin is a large man with a big mouth who loves to tell stories to anyone who can’t outrun him. Paul learned to tell stories from the loving feedback of youth while teaching Sunday school for 13 years. At 56, Paul is a big, bald bard, a merry member of the Austin Playback Theatre troupe, and the furry founder of the Improv troupe In Our Prime.

Ross Tomlin

Ross Tomlin is currently on his third tour as an Austinite, having matriculated at UT in prior iterations. He is a devoted hugger of trees and deals in regulatory affairs as an energy efficiency consultant. Notably, he has written a book that made it onto Amazon’s top 90,000 best seller list. He also dabbles in the visual and performing arts, with a YouTube channel boasting 5 subscribers. In his own estimation, his creative output isn’t half bad for an amateur.

Jessie Walker

Jessie is a native Floridian who relocated to Austin last year. She is a digital nomad, with frequent international travel as an Account Manager for an airline software company. She obsesses over indoor cycling with cult-like enthusiasm and is a self-proclaimed Spotify playlist connoisseur. Once an avid theatre kid, Jessie is thrilled to find an outlet at Testify where her inability to stop talking can be put to good use.

Paul Weiner

Some people were just born for a reason, and Paul Weiner isn’t one of those people. Paul made a reason by rising from ashes after being raised by wolves. Raunchy, relatable, introspective and observational, Paul Weiner gives audiences a look at the hard twist of the absurd and frightening with his honest comedy and his true life storytelling. Based out of Austin, TX, Paul’s surprising and unique delivery about his story will make audiences realize that he’s everything they said he could be never be.