Every month, Testify brings five different storytellers to the stage to share their stories.

Meet the storytellers for Testify’s April 2021 show, Déjà Vu

Mark Nau

Mark Nau is a game designer who usually inflicts his stories on his loving wife and daughters. He is quite pleased to have a wider range of victims for this particular story.

Todd Hart

Todd Hart is a trained mediator, though he only uses those skills for evil. He works in the high tech world as a tester.  He thinks the world would be a better place if everyone practiced improv, yoga, and floatation therapy. 

Robert Heil

A long time Ausinite, Rob Heil took his first improv class at the Hideout theater 10 years ago*. Rob has performed in improv shows at  Hideout, plays at the Hyde Park Theater Fronterafest, and  storytelling events in and around Austin. Rob has also worked tech for shows at the Hideout and Savage Vangaurd Theaters. Rob is retiring from his day job this summer to free up more time for writing, acting and animating.  This is his first time telling a story at Testify, and tonight he will be telling a story called “Deja Two”.  

Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill is a performer, improviser, actor, writer, and avid cyclist. He’s also the guitarist for the world’s only Emo Puppet Rock band, Fragile Rock. Like most white guys with glasses in Austin, he works in IT on the weekdays. Most importantly he’s father to his two amazing sons, Dean and Dylan, and a husband to his wife, Jen, who is pregnant with a third.

Trent Thomson

Trent is an Austin area improviser who can be heard on the Big Gay Musical Podcast. His hobbies include fabric manipulation and rescuing snails. His favorite number is 27.