Not Alone Performer Spotlight: Abby Boyd

Abby Boyd is a former Austinite currently residing in Marfa. She laughs very hard at her own jokes. She was one of the original Testify producers and is honored to return as a story teller.

This Thursday, Abby returns to Testify all the way from West Texas with a tale of unexpected roommates in her piece, Living Alone.


The Same Coin Performer Spotlight: Tim Skaggs

Tim Skaggs is a former sports journalist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, San Antonio Express-News, and various other publications. He has a Communications degree from Texas Christian University that includes minors in Sociology and Theatre. He proudly utilizes those three disciplines daily in the pursuit of Standup Comedy, Storytelling, and Improv – and as a tool to navigate through general life. His hobbies include jaywalking, sleeping late and attempting to make his wife Brenda laugh as often as possible. Together, they’re raising two cats (Frank and Mango) that arguably have a higher quality of life than their own masters.

Tim will tell a tale of unexpected success in an unlikely place in his piece, Love At The Edge of The Earth. Get tickets now


The Same Coin Performer Spotlight: Brenda Skaggs

Brenda Skaggs grew up in the Midwest, specifically on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, which mostly explains how she turned what was supposed to be a summer job at age 16 into a 30-year career with the same company. She’s also applied that sensible work ethic to academics, earning a bachelor’s at Northern Iowa toward studies in Spanish and French, and recently completed her Masters’ Degree in Organizational Psychology. During her 30-year working career with J.C. Penney’s she’s reached her ultimate goal – General Manager of her own store. Her interest include books and movies with a Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Victorian English setting. She currently lives in New Braunfels with two cats (Frank and Mango) that she adores, and her wonderful husband Tim, who sometimes makes her laugh out loud.

Tonight, Brenda takes the virtual Testify stage to share a story on finding her way in her piece, Something Special at the End of The Road. Get tickets now