Ties That Bind Performer Spotlight: Mark Yaconnelli

Mark Yaconelli is an author, speaker, retreat leader and the founder of The Hearth: Healing Communities One Story at a Time. He has spent the past seven years assisting communities across the United States and United Kingdom in developing creative storytelling practices as a source for building relationships and addressing suffering. His most recent book is The Gift of Hard Things: Finding Grace in Unexpected Places.

This Thursday, Mark will tell about forming a team of ivory tower academics and youth participants in his story titled, “Switzerland!



Ties That Bind Performer Spotlight: Jessica Arjet

Jessica Arjet is a Co-owner and Youth Programs Director at the Hideout Theatre and Coffee House. She performs, teaches, directs and produces improv locally and nationally. Despite this, she has a very close and loving relationship with her kids and family.

This Thursday, Jessica will share a tale of a family growing apart and then unexpectedly close in her piece So Close.