The Winter’s Tale Performer Spotlight: Amy Winters

Amy Winters is a writer, editor, and Krav Maga instructor. On her First-Person Fighter podcast, she interviews martial artists and fighters to learn their stories. Do not fuck with Amy. Do find her at

Tonight, Amy will tell a story about the stories we tell ourselves and the power of what we call ourselves in her piece Now I Know My Name.


The Winter’s Tale Performer Spotlight: Tim Skaggs

Tim Skaggs is a former sports journalist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, San Antonio Express-News, and various other publications. He has a Communications degree from Texas Christian University that includes minors in Sociology and Theatre. He proudly utilizes those three disciplines daily in the pursuit of Standup Comedy, Storytelling, and Improv – and as a tool to navigate through general life. He and his wife Brenda reside in New Braunfels, Texas. Together, they’re raising two cats (Frank and Mango) that arguably have a higher quality of life than their own masters.

Tim will tell his story of a night when an ice storm and an East Coast deadline shone a new light on his career in his piece Called Up To The Pro’s.


The Winter’s Tale Performer Spotlight: Christine Pollei

For years, Christine was a prolific writer, having had five screenplays optioned. At some point, however, other projects and priorities usurped the writing. She thought she was simply pressing pause on it. And then twenty years passed. In 2017, Christine went through a divorce, and felt compelled to capture that experience in words, for catharsis if nothing more. When she unpressed that pause button, the words just fell out of her.

It has taken a different form; more memoir and personal essay than script, and each piece is written longhand in a handmade book, on thick paper, bound in leather, held closed by an antique lock and key. This work feels more like ritual, more therapeutic and than commercial. It begs for her to speak it aloud. It mirrors her previous writing in that it is to be performed, but this time, given voice by Christine.

Tomorrow night, Christine takes the Testify stage to tell her story of seeking and receiving important advice in her piece The End of Ordinary.