The Same Coin Performer Spotlight: Riley Williams

Riley Williams is a wannabe artist who’s never dedicated enough time in any one place to become truly good at any art. He is kept on the artist’s path by a penchant for obsessive rumination, and his personal Obi One.

Tonight, Riley will tell his story of a blurred line between reality and insanity in his piece, Final Fantasy.


The Same Coin Performer Spotlight: Whitney Stafford

Whitney Stafford describes her career as a process of elimination: “Getting it wrong has always meant I was one step closer to getting it right”. Always valuing experiences and never limited by a title, Whitney spent her career working across industries from small business and fitness to law and private equity. An entrepreneur at heart, a generalist by trade, and a caregiver by skill, Whitney uses her unique perspective and diverse experience to help business owners in any industry solve problems and turn their vision into reality.

Whitney will share her story of a friendship seen through light and dark in her piece, Saying Yes.


The Same Coin Performer Spotlight: Keely Hunt

Keely Hunt is an erstwhile performer, stage manager, director, scenic carpenter, and an active jack of all trades. She is fascinated by all elements of storytelling. After securing her BA in Theater and Dance at the University of Texas, she sowed her wild oats on both coasts before returning to Austin to raise her burgeoning family. Keely cut her teeth empowering the producers of the “Fakest Reality Show Ever” and now offers her fastidious nature to the Testify crew.

Tonight, Keely will tell her tale of an ever present bond in her piece, Me and My Shadow.