The End Performer Spotlight: Amie Romero

Amie Romero is a highly passionate individual who seeks enjoyment through self transformation, supporting others through theirs and rasing the conscious vibration as we know it. This Denver native is now an Austin local, who is an empowering hair designer at Janet St Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty by day and an effervescent energy fairy who leads mindfulness and mediation gatherings by night.  She has many talents and interests and is always open to share.  Next time you see her don’t be shy; just ask her what the highlight of her day was and she’ll happily share and ask you the same.  What will your answer be?

This Thursday Amie will share her tale of the end of a road, titled, Purple Fences.


The End Performer Spotlight: Maya Reeves

Maya Reeves is a massage therapist and esthetician. She is definitely not a platypus in a person costume. The last time she was on a stage was for her graduation showcase at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York in 1997. Currently she is focused on her thriving career, family, friends, lovers and keeping everyone happy with her very human, non-platypus, energy.

This Thursday, Maya will share her medical saga Cue the Circus Music aka Navigating American Health Care.


The End Performer Spotlight: Marla Porter

Marla Porter is a playwright and recently staged her play “Little Art Table” at Frontera Fest. She organizes the Austin Writers’ Breakfast, Austin Classics Book Club, and Make a Difference Austin Meetup groups. After bring sick with depression for many years, Marla recovered with good medication and counseling. In her fifties, she is the happiest she’s ever been in her life!

This Thursday, Marla will tell her story of the end of despair, Into the Light.