The Call Performer Spotlight: Ladislao Loera

Ladi is an artist, improviser, award winning storyteller, and animal lover. He has taken part in story telling events for Testify, I’m from Driftwood, Drinking with the Saints, and the Moth, where he won with a story about sympathetic nausea and what it teaches us about love and connection. Ladi is also an award winning public speaker with Toastmasters International. He is a native Texan who currently resides in Austin with his partner, and two elderly cats who hate each other.

Tonight, Ladi will tell a tale of breaking every first date follow up rule in his piece, 5 Calls.


The Call Performer Spotlight: Bill Frisbie

Bill Frisbie was the Lead Writer for from 2002-2016. He is co-host of Drinking With The Saints (a monthly storytelling salon). He made his acting debut this month at FronteraFest (after having nightmares all last year about forgetting his lines on stage). This is Bill’s third appearance at Testify!

Tomorrow night, Bill takes the stage to tell his tale of a shifting perspective on who actually gets to judge who in his piece, Judgement Call.


The Call Performer Spotlight: Jessica Arjet

Jessica Arjet is a co-owner of the Hideout Theatre – an all improv theater in downtown Austin. She is the youth director there and manages all things regarding children and improv. She has recently written a book – Conducting Chaos; Teaching improv to children and teens, and is currently looking for a publisher. You can see her most Thursday nights at the Hideout Theatre in the Free Fringe.

This Thursday, Jessica will share her story of a call to be heard in her piece, The Mouse That Roared.