Shelter From the Storm Spotlight: Paul Normandin

Paul Normandin is a large man with a big mouth who loves to tell stories to anyone who can’t outrun him. Paul learned to tell stories from the loving feedback of youth while teaching Sunday school for 13 years. At 56, Paul is a big, bald bard, a merry member of the Austin Playback Theatre troupe, and the furry founder of the Improv troupe In Our Prime.

This month, Paul will tell his story of hurricanes hitting close to home in his piece, In the Path of the Storm.


Shelter From the Storm Spotlight: Morgan Anderson

Morgan is a gardener who usually writes her stories for people with plants, but she likes words too. She’s just trying to be good to herself and her many chosen people, hoping the world will start to hope again soon.

This Thursday, Morgan returns to the Testify stage with a tale of rebuilding an inner sanctum within herself in her piece, Stormy Weather.


Matched Performer Spotlight: Emily Sue Tomac

Emily Sue’s name is the result of a hard-won compromise, between her classical-names-only father and in-search-of-funky-monikers mother. Originally from San Luis Obispo California, Emily Sue has been listening to stories in Austin for almost four years, but this is her first time telling one of her own onstage.

Emily Sue will share her story of an impromptu match up she had no idea she’d been preparing for in her piece, Wrestle Mania