Racy Performer Spotlight: Iram Leon

Iram Leon is in his third year as President of the Austin Runner’s Club. He has been featured in local, national and International media.

At the end of the day though, when people ask when he started running, he says the same time as everyone else, shortly after he started walking. He just hasn’t stopped. And like a fair share of marathoners, you give him 5 minutes, he’ll be telling you about it.

Tonight, Iram will share his tale of running through in his piece For the Run Of It.



Racy Performer Spotlight: Brian Grosz

Brian Grosz is a man who makes things. Whether it’s a meal, a painting, a story, or just causing a general ruckus laden with profanity, he’s proud of his work. You can follow @doctorgrosz on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with Brian.

This Thursday Brian will tell a tale of fast love and even faster loss in his piece, The Purr and The Roar.





Racy Performer Spotlight: Rod Haden

Rod Haden spent 8 years as a stay-at-home dad. The experience made him older, wiser, and… well, older anyway.   Rod’s back in the full-time workforce now and spends his free time hiking Central Texas and working with his lovely girlfriend Flora on their podcast, “Caterpillar Goo: Tales of Transformation” which you can find at caterpillargooshow.comYou can also follow Rod on twitter at @hadennowhy

This Thursday, Rod shares his experience of a different look at his role of stay-at-home dad with his story, Mom Porn.