The Call Performer Spotlight: Bronwen Anderson

Bronwen Anderson is a lifelong writer recovering from a years long stint as a single mother in Austin, which makes her an urban warrior survivalist with stories to tell. When she manages to break away from work and her blending family, she hikes the Butler trail, looks for storytelling pathways, and enjoys playing around with any contrasts she finds.

This Thursday, Bronwen returns to the Testify stage with her tale of a call to grieve leading to a call to action in her piece, Dalida.


The Craft Performer Spotlight: Trece Spalten

Teacher, writer, and diviner of mysteries, Trece has cultivated a life-long love affair with storytelling and soothsaying. He considers the genre of urban fantasy as a lifestyle, encouraging people to make friends with the local, uncanny presences in their neighborhoods. You can commonly find Trece buying more books than he has time to read, spending luxurious time with his partner and their fur-babies, hiking the trails of the Greenbelt, or heading off on cross-country road trips.

Tonight, Trece tells a tale of dedication to craft in his piece, Witchcrafting.


The Craft Performer Spotlight: Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is a Navy and Army National Guard veteran who can talk to anybody. He spent his time in the Navy living months under water as a submariner along the Mediterranean. Born in California, but raised in Conroe, Texas, Bryan now calls Austin home. When he’s not working at his state job, you can find him at record stores and coffee shops around town with his fiancée and their beagle Banjo.

Bryan will tell his story of finding a tribe abroad in his piece, A Home Under the Waves.