The Same Coin Performer Spotlight: Morgan Anderson

Morgan was always adventurous and confident in her ability to handle most situations, ask her mom. Her first memorable thought was something along the lines of “This is not my first rodeo.” Nature is her nurture, and she nurtures nature. She owns and manages a plant maintenance business, writes sometimes, and tries to have as much fun as she can in these trying times.

This Thursday, Morgan will tell a tale of the perils of freedom in her piece, In Too Deep.


The Same Coin Performer Spotlight: Jonna Anderson

Jonna is a testimony to Testify’s logo – everyone has a story, even nobodies like her*! She’s a Zen Buddhist (largely due to nights like the one she’s telling about) in East Texas who’s spent the last 33 years working as the legal assistant to a Family Law attorney. Jonna has been married to the same crazy person for nearly 43 years (their anniversary will be one week after the event), and she’s pretty sure they’ve got the largest private library in town!

Jonna will Testify for the first time all the way from White Oak, TX on feelings of duality with her piece, Kiss or Kill.

*Jonna is not a nobody


No Exit Performer Spotlight: Samuel Rosen

Samuel has told stories at events around Austin such as Backyard Story Night, Hyde Park Storytelling, Austin Bat Cave, & Drinking with the Saints. But this is Samuel’s first performance at Testify. Samuel is the captain of the local improv troupe “The Yes Andersons” who are currently performing shows virtually. As a criminal trial lawyer, when Sam is not fighting for justice he enjoys swimming, yoga, and hiking.

Tonight, Samuel will tell his story of trying to leave a shady situation in a foreign country in his piece, Petcar.