Potluck Performer Spotlight: ​Aralyn Hughes

​Aralyn Hughes has a feature documentary about her life entitled LOVE IN THE SIXTIES. It tells the story as to why CBS called Aralyn, Austin’s Queen of Weird. While this documentary about her life was coming together, Hughes published an anthology called “Kid Me Not” documenting the stories of “women from the ’60s, in their 60s who chose not to have children.”

Join us Thursday for Aralyn’s story about college, sororities, and the 60’s titled, “What Are the Rules?”

Check out Aralyn’s Website (where you can buy her feature documentary), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.




Haunted Performer Spotlight: Bill Frisbie

Bill Frisbie didn’t know whether he wanted to be a sports writer or an ordained minister, so he did both. Bill has written for UT sports blog for the past 15 years and is an ordained United Methodist pastor.  He is the author of Game of My Life: Texas Longhorns and a member of Scriptworks. He believes in ghosts.

Join Bill this Thursday night to hear his Haunted story, “Who You Gonna Call?”



Balancing the Scales Performer Spotlight: Tex Ramone

Tex Ramone is a writer, musician, storyteller, and curator of the David Lee Roth Quote Of The Week on Instagram (#DLRQOTW).  He has written for the NYC-based literary zine We’ll Never Have Paris and for Smile Hon, You’re In Baltimore as well as his own website:

This Thursday, Tex will share a story of a prank that doesn’t go according to plan in Aces High.