Potluck Performer Spotlight: Jim Trainer

Jim Trainer publishes one collection of poetry and prose every year through Yellow Lark Press. Love&Wages is his 5th. He’s also a singer-songwriter, journalist and curator of Going For The Throat–a weekly publication of cynicism, outrage, correspondence and romance. Please visit JIMTRAINER.NET for his books, music, video and appearances.

Tonight, Jim will tell a tale of figuring out who he isn’t in his piece The Work.


Potluck Performer Spotlight: Ashley Ewing

Originally hailing from Louisiana, Ashley has lived in Austin now for almost 15 years.  She is retired from the tech life and always looking for new ways to hustle through her hippie Austin lifestyle.  Her goal for 2018 is to “fail more” which has been mostly unsuccessful despite her best efforts.

This Thursday, Ashley tells a story about connections to the past shifting as she looks to the future in her piece, Harvest.


Potluck Performer Spotlight: Josh Davis

Josh Davis is a polymathic ne’er-do-well and habitual teller of tales. He is delighted to make his first appearance on the Testify stage with his all-time favorite story. While Josh currently has absolutely nothing on his website, if and when he does, it will be visible at

Josh is bringing his story of an unlikely band of criminals in his piece, Crime & Punishment.