Slings and Arrows Performer Spotlight: Shaniqua Staples

Shaniqua Staples mother of 3 in love with Zombies! She’s an LMSW with a sole mission to ensure Women of Color receive proper postpartum support and know they deserve a seat at anytime table! She will be hosting her second Women Empowerment Conference in San Antonio September 28th!

Shaniqua comes to the Testify stage to tell her story of thriving against the odds in her piece ‚ÄčI deserve to sit at the table, I just needed someone to pull out my chair.


Slings and Arrows Performer Spotlight: Dr. Kyler Shumway

Dr. Kyler Shumway is the author of The Friendship Formula, a book dedicated to helping teens and adults find friendship by being better at it. He is also a keynote speaker and has guest-starred on televised news to share insights about mental health and child psychology. Originally from a small town in rural Idaho, Dr. Shumway had a strong career as a nationally-ranked shotputter and Division 1 athlete. Many might assume that he was one of “the cool kids” growing up, but instead, he was a target of bullying.

This Thursday, Kyler will tell a story of the hunted becoming the hunter in his piece, How I (Barely) Survived Bullying.