Out Performer Spotlight: Michelle

Michelle is a video game programmer and player, local to Austin, Texas. She is an avid fan of the game of go, a neophyte Krav Maga and kickboxing addict, and has the life-goal to photograph every otter in the world.

Michelle will share her story of learning how to rejoin the outside world in her piece Just Breathe.



Out Performer Spotlight: Ryan McKeeman

Ryan was born and raised in Austin. He likes music, mathematics, architecture and foods that begin with the letter “Q.” His website, The Sound Floor, is launching a new product line of home audio equipment in October that will change your life…for awesome.

Ryan will bring to the stage his tale of being a traveler out in the cold in Torino.



Out Performer Spotlight: Ryan Hill

Ryan is an improviser who plays often at theaters around Austin and sometimes in festivals across the country. He is also a guitarist for the Emo Puppet Band (yes, you read that right) “Fragile Rock,” that plays in Austin. During the day he works in information security. When he is not doing one of those things he is probably playing with his pug Oliver or spending time with his wife, Jen. He also tells stories.

At this month’s show Ryan tells us about the journey of his inner-rock star, via puppets.


*the dog in this photo is not a puppet…it is a pug.