On the Road Performer Spotlight: Joey Zimmerman

Joey Zimmerman is an Austin based comedian and creator of The Listening Room, which is a Storytelling show and live podcast held every second Saturday at Genuine Joe’s Coffeehouse. You can hear the show on iTunes, Stitcher or where ever podcasts are found. He’s performed at SXSW, Sound on Sound festival, and Crom Fest. Follow Joey on Twitter at @JoeyZimmz.

Joey will tell a tale of touring as a stand up comedian, in his story Sanctuary.


On the Road Performer Spotlight: Carolyn Lindell

Carolyn Lindell is a free-lance writer who writes garden stories regularly for the Austin American-Statesman. She lives in Central Austin with her husband, son, daughter and mean cat. She has been working on her novel, which is a loosely disguised autobiography, for a good while.

Carolyn will tell her tale of a road trip gone wrong, in her story Are We There Yet?


On the Road Performer Spotlight: Max Langert

Max Langert writes plays and occasionally performs at FronteraFest, where his latest productions DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE and YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION both made Best of Fest. Next month, on Sunday, April 23rd, he’s hosting a benefit for The SAFE Alliance of Austin at Mayfield Park Cottage and Gardens. There will be peacocks. You should totally come check it out!!  Details at

Max is back to tell his tale of mishaps in motion in his story Across the River.