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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Performer Spotlight: Sundaram Ader

Sundaram is a writer, director, actor, advocate for mental health issues, and a part time story teller. He debuted a play he wrote, directed and starred in last year called The Spark. He is currently directing his first feature length documentary, Finding the Spark; The Journey of Seeing Past Mental Illness.

This Thursday, Sundaram takes us full circle through the changes that occurred to his personality and path that led to a life altering diagnosis.


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In Your Head Performer Spotlight: Wayne Johnson

Wayne Johnson is a Peer Recovery Coach and a college student, He is also a person in recovery from addiction and PTSD. In the two years he has been sober, he has enlisted the help of an emotional support animal, whose name is Baby.

Baby is a panacea for Wayne, and his story Thursday is about their relationship and what that relationship has meant to both him and others.


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In Your Head Performer Spotlight: Kate Caldwell

Kate Caldwell is an Austin native with a BA in Theater and Dance from UT Austin. She is a performer and writer, as well as a producer of Testify. Kate hates bios but loves fried chicken and beer.

Catch Kate this Thursday with her story of mind vs the renal system, “This Is Only a Moment.”