Matched Performer Spotlight: Mark Gifford

Mark Gifford teaches composition and rhetoric at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and he’s also an active Austin storyteller and writer. Mark and his writing partner Todd Wright have two audiobooks for sale in Amazon and Audible, “The Adventures of Heroman” and “When Wade Tried to Save the World,” and they are currently working on a story called “The Ballad of Cutman’s Bridge,” that they plan to tell live with blues musician Todd Roth providing original music and lyrics. If you want to know more, follow Mark on Facebook or

Tonight, Mark brings to the stage his tale of a band of misfits who come together through hating everyone in his piece, A Roach’s Tale.


Matched Performer Spotlight: M. Burger

M.Burger is a Writer/Director/Producer/Storyteller currently based in Austin, Texas. Her last film, Pregnancy Party, was featured at Transform Film Festival, Texas’s first all-women film festival and her collection of short stories, You’ll Never Believe How These Kids Get Murdered: and other clickbait tales, is now available through Lit City Press and to purchase on Amazon.

Tonight, M. Burger returns to Testify to tell her story of first, exhilarating love in her piece, Bermuda Triangle.