Lessons Performer Spotlight: Janis Underwood

By day Janis Underwood runs a successful spiritual coaching practice that specializes in helping people put their spiritual gifts to practical use in both professional and personal endeavors. Janis’ success with clients comes from the use of three gifts: compassion, non-judgment and presence.

Her knowledge and application of these gifts comes from her travels with the dying. Since her grandfather’s death in 2014, she has acted as a transition coach for those seeking peace and spiritual integration at the time of death.

In 2015, Janis was compelled to start a podcast called Dying with Grandpa as a way to honor her grandfather’s passing. The podcast is actively serving as a platform for those who wish to share personal and professional stories about spirituality, end of life care and death. Her deep wish is to change the way our culture views death and use the lessons of letting go and self love to live more loving and intentional lives.   

Come hear Janis talk about the lessons on living that she learned from the dying.



Lessons Performer Spotlight: Corwin Riddle

Corwin was raised in an igloo on the icy tundras of Michigan, subsisting on a diet of comic books, video games, and science fiction, and has so far managed to become an adult without actually growing up. He has lived in Austin for 10 years, where he spends his days making board games, writing, drawing, and drinking coffee, and has worked tirelessly his whole life to prove that, at most, caffeine only stunts emotional growth.

Corwin will share his story of learning the power of words in his piece, Pottymouth.



Lessons Performer Spotlight: Paul Normandin

Paul Normandin is a large man with a big smile and a bigger mouth. Paul loves to tell stories to anyone who can’t run faster than him which often includes his three adult children, his wife and many of his friends. Teaching Sunday School to the youth at his church for 13 years helped Paul appreciate the benefits of a captive audience and the value of critiques shared in love.

Paul will bring the stage a tale of the impact improv lessons had on his life and his marriage in his piece Improv Wisdom.