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In Your Head Performer Spotlight: Nari

Nari showed an early aptitude for Dr. Mario which she parlayed into the kind of intense, time consuming studying necessary to later graduate with a Computer Science degree. She aced Differential Equations but still struggles to calculate a tip. She now does tech by day and tunes by night. Generally speaking she’s the only black woman at either.

Nari is a slinger of fine jokes and a flaunter of shabby frocks, both of which you will hear about Thursday in her tale of unspoken love.


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In Your Head Performer Spotlight: Joan Muller

Joan Muller has done a bunch of stuff in her life. No more and no less than anyone else really. And the stuff she’s done is not that interesting, except for the fact that she was the only kid in her fourth grade class to vote for John F Kennedy when all the other kids voted for Nixon. She taught school, and her students really seemed to like her. Then she was a consultant for a textbook publisher. She’s published some short stories. Now she’s writing a novel. But that’s about it.

Joan’s story is about a significant moment that really happened.  Probably.  Fiction writers spend a lot of time in their heads, but this was real.  She’s pretty sure.



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In Your Head Performer Spotlight: Ricky Allen

Full time student at Austin Community College studying video game development and design (currently, could change). Enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends and family, and loves FOOD. Still deciding on what career path he wants to take but knows for sure when things come together, it will be amazing.

Ricky’s story is a personal and challenging one, that will shine light on the hope beyond a diagnosis.