Into the Wild – Testify’s Performer Spotlight: Bronwen Anderson

We are excited to welcome  back Bronwen Anderson to our stage.  This Thursday, she shares the crisis she experienced as an expectant mother when her very first child (a fur baby) suddenly disappears, in her piece, The Cat Came Back.

Bronwen Anderson


Bronwen Anderson is a writer, a single mom of girls, a breastfeeding supporter, and an occasional moonlight Lyft driver. When she makes the time she is also a Unitarian homilist and a live storyteller. She has logged at least as many hours watching Frozen as she is behind on Game of Thrones.


Testify August Show : Into The Wild

When the heat index rises as quickly as it has here in Austin this August, it can really bring out the beast best in us. This month we unleash stories of people who have tamed the beast ( both literally and figuratively) and those who have braved the wilderness . Mark your calendars for August 27th, 2015 and don’t miss this month’s show Into The Wild