Howl Performer Spotlight: Robin Villarreal

Robin Villarreal was born and raised in Austin.  He has been a teacher for 13 years, and it is the work he has done with students teaching them to tell their stories that inspired him to tell his own story.

Tonight, he will tell his story of unexpected friendship in his story Friends in Low Places.



Howl Performer Spotlight: Carrie Taylor

Carrie is a paralegal with the Office of the Attorney General by trade, and a cat lady by choice. She enjoys Netflix, Pilates, long walks on the beach, and has a blossoming interest in punching Nazis. If you need an opinion on something, anything, she is happy to provide one. Even if you don’t need one, she still probably will.

Tomorrow night, Carrie will share her story about about fighting off foes in her piece Weapon of Choice.


Howl Performer Spotlight: Chris Peterson

Chris is a working professional in Austin, with an affinity for sport and friendship. This is his first time performing at any event since high school plays including some competitions. He is also related to the creator of this show.

Chris will tell his story of finding his wolf pack in his story Wolface.