Hijacked Performer Spotlight: Trisha Stacey

Trisha is the mother of 2 daughters and a recent empty nester. Her biggest empty nester concern is that she will lose touch with fashion. She is a Millennial at heart, a tech nerd in real life, and her spirit animal is happy.

Tonight, Trisha will tell a tale of the sudden collapse of her marriage in her piece, Monsters & Tattoos.


Hijacked Performer Spotlight: Susan Mack

Susan Mack is a reformed tech executive, professional writer, ADHD coach, and storyteller. When she’s not at work at YouEarnedIt, she can often be found cooking, toting kids to play practice or horse lessons, or travelling. You can read more of her stories at

Tomorrow night, Susan takes to the Testify stage to share her story of a community hijacked in her piece, The Day the Music Died.


Hijacked Performer Spotlight: Max Langert

Max Langert writes plays and performs regularly at FronteraFest. He occasionally puts on fundraisers through his small theater company, Cinnamon Path Productions (which you can find on Facebook). And he likes funny people who are nice, just in case you want to talk to him after the show.

Max will tell the tale of an evening hijacked by technology, as a family structure is hijacked by illness, in his pieceĀ Technology is Hard.