Gotcha! Performer Spotlight: Carlton Wilcoxson

Carlton Wilcoxson is an up and coming Stand-up comedian who performs all in the Austin area and you can see him tomorrow at the Velveeta Room at 9pm. He also works as Producer in Advertising and Mentor to high school students through E4 Youth. He is self described as “a trouble maker of the best kind”.

Tonight, Carlton will return to the Testify stage to share his story of catching fancy (among other things) in his piece Burned By Chasing Waterfalls.


Gotcha! Performer Spotlight: Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller has lived in Austin for over 20 years. He’s the dean at the Merlin Works school of improv at the ZACH Theatre, and when he’s not doing that, he’s tending to his one dog, two cats, and nine chickens. Kevin can be seen reading from his actual childhood diary in the Netflix series “The Mortified Guide.”

Kevin will tell his story of a delightful and equally bizarre evening in his piece My Date With Natalie.


Gotcha! Performer Spotlight: Tristan Young Mercado

As a Carolina Mama living in Texas, Tristan Mercado considers herself a light blue spot in a sea of burnt orange. She is an avid writer and storyteller. She’s had personal narratives featured on Mamaload and has performed in storytelling shows like Live Strong, Testify and Listen to Your Mother. Her screenplay made it into the finals of Meryl Streep’s contest for women writers over 40, and her plays have made it to Best of Week and Best of Fest in Frontera Fest Short Fringe at Austin’s Hyde Park Theatre 3 years in a row. Her favorite subjects are her awesome husband, her incredible son, and her crazy ass Mama.

This Thursday, Tristan will share her tale of building a family in an unconventional way in her piece Getting Lucky.