Testify’s Performer Spotlight: T. Lynn Mikeska


Thanks to the booming technology fields, geeks, freaks and outsiders now enjoy a powerful influence over main stream society (even inspiring the fashion/lifestyle trend ‘Geek Chic’) but that wasn’t always the case.  Tonight, T. Lynn Mikeska shares the darker side of being on the fringe and the intense bullying she endured throughout her childhood.

Doors open at 7pm, come early to grab a drink and a good seat, its going to be a sold out show!


T. Lynn Mikeska is an actor/writer/director/musician/lyme disease patient who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theater/Dance at the University of Texas at Austin. Right out of school, she headed to Massachusetts, where she taught Acting, Improv, and Creative Dramatics at Boston Children’s Theater.  However, after her first real Nor’easter she hastily retreated back to Mother Austin, where she helped found and run Shrewd Productions, a multiple award-winning feminist theatre collective.  Her work has been taught at Brown University.  T. Lynn currently lives in Austin, TX.


Freaks and Geeks – Testify’s Performer Spotlight: Jeff Isacksen


There are many categories of geeks, such as: science geeks, car geeks, math geeks, music geeks, computer geeks, history geeks, gaming geeks. There are many kinds of freaks, such as : control freaks , neat freaks, phone phreaks, sexy freaks, Chic  Le Freaks.   Find your inner geek and/or freak and bring it to Testify this  Thursday to hear Jeff Isacksen reflect on what Geek identity means to him in his piece, Liminal.

Jeff Isacksen_headshot

Jeff is a local personal trainer and Krav Maga instructor, as well as the leading supplier of cat photos for his Facebook feed. He also enjoys staunchly refusing to enjoy media, long rants about insignificant grievances and eating environmentally irresponsible amounts of food.


Freaks and Geeks – Testify’s Performer Spotlight: Thomas Wilkerson

Our lives are full of ‘firsts’. The first kiss, your first car, your first love.  Taking the stage this Thursday, returning Testifier Thomas Wilkerson, will share memories of his first Dungeons and Dragons game in The Upstairs Room.


Thomas Wilkerson is a former athlete, current bookseller, and future teacher. He spends his time reading, writing, and watching more football than is probably good for him. He’s perhaps a bit too much of a dreamer, but doesn’t really see any problem with that.