Exes and Ohs Performer Spotlight: Anna Wang

Anna is a third year business student at UT Austin and tries to escape turning corporate by regularly indulging in lindy hop, writing poetry, and learning languages. She likes to focus on the good in people and wants to have more corgis than kids in the future.

Anna will share her story of one Texas woman’s search for insights in a foreign land.



Exes and Ohs Performer Spotlight: Suzy La Follette

Suzy La Follette is a master of telling stories because Antioch University gave her a paper that says so. She’s done some slam poetry stuff and won a few things and she’s published a few poems and stories to small publications like Spry Literary Journal and Write Bloody. She works as a firefighter and lives here in Austin with her wife.

Suzy will share her story of a decades long separation in her piece, The Mormon List.



Exes and Ohs Performer Spotlight: I. Dill

I. Dill enjoys smoking meat, riding bicycles and marijuana puns. He doesn’t use mirrors, but depends heavily on beauty advice from his dog Shipley. He’s quoted to have once said “life is a river, and I’ve built many boats.” He also adds he’d fall “somewhere firmly between a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff and a jedi.”

I. Dill will tell a story of a surprising encounter in his piece, Black Market Sperm.