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Death and Taxes Performer Spotlight: Britney Salyer

Britney finds it surreal to speak about herself in the third person, but would like to start doing so more, as she is much nicer to other people than she is to herself. She has recently re-landed in Austin after Eat, Pray, Love-ing in Southeast Asia. She enjoys hyphens and using formal titles as verbs.

Britney’s story is about the big D. Is it Danger? Is it Deception? Is it . . . DEATH? Or is it perhaps all three? Find out this Thursday!




Death and Taxes Performer Spotlight: Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller moved to Austin 20 years ago, fell in love with the city, and refuses to leave. He’s performed and taught improv comedy for almost 15 years, and is the dean at the Merlin Works school of improv at the ZACH Theatre. Kevin can often be found stumbling onstage as the narrator for History Under the Influence, an improvised drunk-history show. His next drunken performance is on May 13th at Salvage Vanguard Theatre. His performance at Testify will be entirely sober.

Ghost stories push us to wonder…perhaps death isn’t so inevitable? Come be a part of the mystery, as Kevin recounts his adventures as an Austin ghost tour guide. untitled shoot-143 2

Performers, Shows

Death and Taxes Performer Spotlight: Jennifer Currie

Jennifer Currie was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, but her mom told her to never admit she was from Louisiana. Oops. Jennifer lived in six different cities as a child: one of the cities actually north of the Mason-Dixon line. She has claimed Austin as her home since 1991, and gets annoyed when people lump Austin in with the rest of the South. Austin is not Dixie, people!

This Thursday, Jennifer will share her tale of evil aunts and surprising windfalls in the Deep South in her piece Southern Gothic Inheritance Tax.