Chemistry Performer Spotlight: Nell Seiler

Nell Seiler feels more comfortable behind the camera than in front of a crowd. She writes an occasional travel story for the newspaper when she is not bossing around photographers. She finished writing her post-divorce memoir after joining Spike Gillespie’s Write with Spike workshop a year and a half ago. Although new to public storytelling, she is hoping this first time won’t be her last. She lives on her hobby farm in Bastrop county with her son and various 4 and 2-legged critters.

Tomorrow night, Nell will tell a tale of unexpected chemistry in her story, ​​​​Mateo: My Guilty Pleasure.


Chemistry Performer Spotlight: Ladislao Loera

Ladislao Loera is a pet lover, illustrator, writer, improv student and story teller. His artwork is all based on the Mexican holiday “the day of the dead”. His stories revolve around loss and how we can learn from loss. “We tend to hide our grief as if it is something to be ashamed of. But talking about it is the truest way to heal.”

Tomorrow night, Ladislao returns to Testify to share his story of discovering invisible systems in his piece, Home.


Chemistry Performer Spotlight: Roman Gonzalez

Roman Gonzalez is an experienced designer and founder of Gardenio, an Austin startup sending you all the right ingredients to grow your own organic food at home ( He’s fascinated by how plants work and, as a philosophy major, how everything works. Before his time in the garden of business, Roman spent a *lot* of time in the garden of love, trying to understand it on a conceptual and scientific level at Brown University, all while very single. But when he created a course on the Science, Psychology, and Philosophy of How and Why We Fall In Love to study it further, he learned more than he intended.

This Thursday, Roman will take the Testify stage to tell his tale of attempting to decode love through logic with his story, “The Science, Psychology, and Philosophy of How and Why We Fall In Love, Oh and Emma Watson Too”