Out of the Frying Pan -Testify’s Performer Spotlight : Cassidy Santaguida

She was the epitome of preparedness, not only ready to tackle a 1/2 marathon in the parched desert climates of West Texas, but ALSO complete a grueling hike later that same day (you know, for ‘fun’). Sunscreen. Check. Food. Check. Water. Check. So how did Cassidy Santaguida come to find herself Drowning in the Desert?  Find out tomorrow night!

Cassidy Santaguida Headshot

Cassidy Santaguida is an Austin stand-up comedian, story-teller, and improvisor who works as an IT Manager at the University of Texas. Cassidy has studied improv at The Hideout Theatre and stand-up at The Institution Theater; she is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival. Her stories have been heard at No Shame, The Encyclopedia Show, Not This American Life, Listen To Your Mother, Austin Bat Cave’s Story Department, and the RISK! podcast.


Out of the Frying Pan -Testify’s Performer Spotlight : Max Langert

This Thursday, we welcome returning Testifier, Max Langert to our stage!

Max Langert Headshot


Max Langert is a regular performer at FronteraFest where his pieces have been named Best of Fest several times.  He’s also a board member of the writers’ group ScriptWorks and has a brand new play opening in June that he would love you to go see called GOOD WEATHER FOR BUNDT CAKES.



Out of the Frying Pan -Testify’s Performer Spotlight : Ashley Carlisle

Questionable food choices.  Barely expired milk, when you just poured a big bowl of Fruit Loops. Yeah, it’s probably still good, right?  Leftover Taco Deli that has been sitting out in the community kitchen at work for 5 hrs. Well, other people are eating it and it would be a great ‘Out Sick Today’ excuse if I want to play hooky tomorrow.  Go for it! We’ve all been there, which is why you will want to hear what went so horribly wrong with  Ashley Carlisle’s questionable food choice in her piece, The Potluck That Made Me Sick for 3 Months,  this Thursday night!

Ashley Carlisle Headshot

Ashley Carlisle is a Chemistry teacher in Pflugerville and a North Carolina native. Having done improv for the past 4 years, she has recently become interested in new forms of expression. Namely, she is intrigued by the medium of storytelling. You can catch her shows Monday-Friday 9-5 at Pflugerville High School (Room D202).