All Creatures Great and Small Performer Spotlight: Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill is an improviser who plays often at theaters around Austin and sometimes in festivals across the country. He is also a guitarist for the Emo Puppet Band (yes, you read that right) “Fragile Rock,” that plays in Austin and recently had an America’s Got Talent audition. During the day he works in information security. When he is not doing one of those things he is probably playing with his pug Oliver or spending time with his wife, Jen. He also tells stories.

Ryan will be telling the tale of the dogs in his life in his story titled, Dogs I Have Known.


All Creatures Great and Small Performer Spotlight: Victoria Hawthorne

Victoria is an avid listener of stories. In college, she would go to nursing facilities & ask who hadn’t had a visitor in a long time. She would then go see that person and listen to their stories. She is a first time teller of stories on stage. She prefers to be on the other side of the lights but the ability to have people sit and listen to her talk about her favorite subject (animals) was too great of a pull. She says she didn’t outrun Paul on purpose. She likes his stories.

Victoria will be telling her story of the first pet she ever named in her piece titled: Bear.


All Creatures Great and Small Performer Spotlight: Kevin Klauber

Kevin Klauber says, ” I was born in Brooklyn New York in 1953. I was scared most of my life. I had no idea who I was most of my life. Rock and Roll and Comic Books saved my life. Staying clean and sober is the most important thing I can do daily. I have been here in Austin for 40 years. My wife Katie and my daughter Morgan Exene are the two most important beings in my life.”

Kevin will be telling his story about changes in his life and about the places around him in his piece, Selling Blood Next Door and Then Recovery.