Testify’s Third Anniversary!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to listen to the stories and celebrate Testify’s 3rd anniversary!

It was a fantastic show – our storytellers told compelling stories that were vastly different from one another, but brought the same honesty and vulnerability. We had a wonderful audience, and it was fun to see the show in a new space – it has been quite some time since that has happened!

Last night was not only our third anniversary, but also our 38th show. Over the last three years, Testify has brought 185 stories to the stage through 116 storytellers, with 41 of those storytellers performing in multiple shows.

So thank you, Testify community, for helping make the past three years happen. We could not have this show without your support, without you showing up to both listen to stories and tell them.

We hope you had some cake – you deserve it!


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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Performer Spotlight: Kat Messina

Kat Messina is a 70-something old woman trapped in a 30-something body. She loves crocheting, crafting, BINGO, and Wheel of Fortune. Her son’s middle name is Danger, she’s a 3rd Degree black belt, and she has a serious addiction to dodge ball. Someday she will pet a hippopotamus.

Come hear Kat share about the bonds of friendship and the freedom to change identity.



Freaks and Geeks Meet your Host for tonight : Genevieve Saenz

Our Two Year Anniversary   show ‘Freaks and Geeks’  is TONIGHT and hosting this special evening is the very lovely Genevieve Saenz. Come for the show and stay for the cake and celebration of Testify’s amazing success!  See y’all tonight!

Genevieve  Saenz


Rev. Genevieve  Saenz, MA is a celebrant and life coach who specializes in ritual and life transitions. She has a rich professional background in theatre studies, education, counseling, theology, and the expressive arts. Her passion for stories stems from a deep curiosity about the way narrative shapes human experiences. In her home time she is a wife and a mom and a gardener and a crafter. Find out more/hire her to perform your wedding at