Balancing the Scales Performer Spotlight: Sachin K

Sachin is a person in long term recovery from substance use/mental health issues. When he was initially faced with challenges in life, he found comedy to be his comfort blanket. It was thru performing stand up that he felt truly empowered. Today he works in the prevention field and is always looking for ways to give back. One lesson he never has forgotten in life is to stay positive no matter what.

This Thursday, Sachin brings his tale of losing control and finding his way back in his story, Never Lose Hope.


Balancing the Scales Performer Spotlight: Sureka Kasinath

Sureka Kasinath is an Aggie computer engineer, who has probably contributed to 0.0001% design of the processor in your smartphone. She likes experimenting with new activities, most recently ice skating, playing the marimba and doing Improv, and then sharing her experiences through speeches at Toastmasters.

This Thursday, Sureka brings her tale of personal change in her story Chocolate Cake? Yes, Please!


Balancing the Scales Performer Spotlight: Liz Feezor

Liz Feezor is a professional weirdo living in East Austin with her fiancé and two ridiculous cats, Pigpen and Oscar. She co-hosts Dad Doesn’t Know About This Podcast with her brother, Jon, Instagrams random junk at @stylishdisaster and blogs occasionally at Her favorite food is candy.

This Thursday, Liz brings her tale of navigating when to stay and when to move on in her story I Quit.