Meet the storytellers for this month’s Testify!

Every month, Testify brings five different storytellers to the stage to share five very different stories.

June Storytellers

Jessica Arjet

Jessica Arjet is a Co-owner and Youth Programs Director at the Hideout Theatre and Coffee House. She performs, teaches, directs and produces improv locally and nationally. Despite this, she has a very close and loving relationship with her kids and family.

M. Burger

Beautiful, talented, mysterious, strong, well-spoken, intelligent, artistic, and quirky, M.Burger is a horror fiction writer and filmmaker who’s not afraid to write weird monster porn. Previously seen in A Sordid Valentine by Lucky Dark Press, a regular contributor to Mad Shade Zine, and recent performer at Bedpost Confessions, Magdalene is an up-and-coming writer in the Austin fiction scene willing to do anything to be published and yes, she did write this bio for herself.

Christine Schiele

Christine is a writer, performer, storyteller, and a pretty recent empty nester. She is a mentalist with the magic duo Turning Tricks With The Darlings and has performed & told stories on the stages of Testify, Bedpost Confessions, Weird True Hollywood Tales, Ladies Are Funny Fest and FronteraFest.

Mark Yaconelli

Mark Yaconellis is an author, speaker, retreat leader and the founder of The Hearth: Healing Communities One Story at a Time. He has spent the past seven years assisting communities across the United States and United Kingdom in developing creative storytelling practices as a source for building relationships and addressing suffering. His most recent book is The Gift of Hard Things: Finding Grace in Unexpected Places.


Naima is a collector of hobbies, a serial dilettante, and a jack of all trades and master of none. She’s dabbled in photography, music writing, comedy, and as of last year, spoken word performances at Testify Austin. She loves meeting people and learning their stories as a way of understanding the world through the lens of another human being, because people are neat.