Every month, Testify brings five different storytellers to the stage to share five very different stories.

October’s Storytellers

Elijah Allred

Elijah Allred is a poet, amateur occultist & full-time cat dad. If you have any interest in his poetry, he has a free book available for you after the show. Elijah is a six-year resident of Austin and to clarify, the book is not his poetry, it’s something he found in a cave, in a puzzle box, in the desert. Elijah is a native north-Carolinian, UT graduate and Elijah is begging you to take the book, he just wants the “king of shadows” to stop hunting him in his dreams.

M. Burger

A regular contributor to Mad Shade Zine and recent performer in Bedpost Confessions, M. Burger is a Producer/Production Designer/Director currently based in Austin, Texas. She spent the last two years in the startup scene as a Content Strategist and Consultant and is now a freelance writer and movie maker with a passion for horror.

Ashley Ewing

Ashley Ewing is a ball of condensed cynicism with a luminous silver lining. During the day, Ashley gets paid to spend other peoples money and at night she tries to figure out exactly what kind of werewolf she wants to be. Her ideas are the best in the universe, but never become kinetic.

Bill Frisbie

Bill Frisbie didn’t know whether he wanted to be a sports writer or an ordained minister, so he did both. Bill has written for UT sports blog for the past 15 years and is an ordained United Methodist pastor. . He is the author of GAME OF MY LIFE: TEXAS LONGHORNS and a member of SCRIPTWORKS. He believes in ghosts.

Angela Maldonado

Angela Maldonado is an improviser, writer and storyteller from Corpus Christi. She’s drawn to narrative improv and loves to perform improvised telenovelas with her Shades of Brown compadres. Angela loves storytelling so much she started a show StoryTime at the Cactus Cafe, with the goal to let people hear some great stories and maybe sign up to tell their own. She’s pretty excited be able to continue to bring people’s stories to the stage.