Picking Up Performer Spotlight: Symply Courtney

A improvising musical comedic storyteller from Austin, Texas. Just recently performed 34 shows in 34 nights to celebrate his 34th birthday earlier this month. (Feb 8th)

Tomorrow night, Symply Courtney will share his story of his first week as a ride share driver in his piece, An Uber Adventure.


The Call Performer Spotlight: Bill Frisbie

Bill Frisbie was the Lead Writer for InsideTexas.com from 2002-2016. He is co-host of Drinking With The Saints (a monthly storytelling salon). He made his acting debut this month at FronteraFest (after having nightmares all last year about forgetting his lines on stage). This is Bill’s third appearance at Testify!

Tomorrow night, Bill takes the stage to tell his tale of a shifting perspective on who actually gets to judge who in his piece, Judgement Call.


Slings and Arrows Performer Spotlight: Dr. Kyler Shumway

Dr. Kyler Shumway is the author of The Friendship Formula, a book dedicated to helping teens and adults find friendship by being better at it. He is also a keynote speaker and has guest-starred on televised news to share insights about mental health and child psychology. Originally from a small town in rural Idaho, Dr. Shumway had a strong career as a nationally-ranked shotputter and Division 1 athlete. Many might assume that he was one of “the cool kids” growing up, but instead, he was a target of bullying.

This Thursday, Kyler will tell a story of the hunted becoming the hunter in his piece, How I (Barely) Survived Bullying.