Into the Woods Spotlight: Shefali O’Hara

Shefali O’Hara is an artist, writer and teacher as well as a type IV cancer conqueror who was given 6 months to live 15 years ago. She prefers the word conqueror to survivor when she thinks of herself. Her art can be viewed online at Facebook:Austinlace and in person at the Framer’s Gallery in Georgetown. She teaches “Resilience and Joy”, an art class for those dealing with cancer, depression and other types of trauma. To sign up for a class, to purchase her art or signed prints, or to commission a special painting, contact her at shefali.ohara@gmail.com.

This evening, Shefali will share her story of finding a new path in life in her piece Resilience and Joy.


Chemistry Performer Spotlight: Meredith Badali

Meredith Badali is a Virginia gal who traveled west in Spring 2012; she moved to Austin in 2017 from Los Angeles and is happy about the route the journey has taken. Her life is filled with love, hustle and adventure. She fancies herself a connector of people and things and that is apparent in the way she communicates, the people she surrounds herself with and the projects she chooses to dedicate her time to each day. She’s thrilled to be onstage and believes this is a springboard moment for her to officially become a storyteller.

Meredith will be telling a tale of a journey to find balance in her head and in her life in her piece Screaming Into Cinder Blocks.


Potluck Performer Spotlight: Ladi Loera

Ladi Loera is an illustrator, writer, improv student and story teller.

His artwork is all based on the Mexican holiday “the day of the dead”. His stories revolve around loss and how we can learn from loss. “We tend to hide our grief as if it is something to be ashamed of. But talking about it is the truest way to heal.” You can see more of his work here. You can also follow Ladi on Twitter.

Ladi will be sharing his story of swimming past fear this Thursday for Testify’s Potluck.