Demons Performer Spotlight: Jason Vines

Jason Vines is a self-taught special effects makeup artist, prop builder, foam fabricator, improviser and karaoke enthusiast. He has been making all sorts of creatures and props for stage and film professionally for the past 5 years or so. You can see his work at or on instagram @atxfx.

Tomorrow night, Jason will take the stage to tell about the positive role demons have played in his life in his piece, Monster Man Metamorphosis.

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I Volunteer Performer Spotlight: Dave Ronn

Dave Ronn is a Software Developer and local improviser who just traveled the globe for a year. A native Austinite, you can find him playing guitar on his back porch or in the upcoming improvised show Buddy Cop, playing Saturdays at 6:00 PM from May 27th to June 17th at the Hideout Theater. He spent December 2015 in France, three weeks of which were in Calais, near the channel to England.

We’re so happy to have Dave tell his story, That One Time at a Refugee Camp

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I Volunteer Performer Spotlight: Brian Grosz

Brian Grosz is a man who makes things. Whether it’s a meal, a painting, a story, or just causing a general ruckus laden with profanity, he’s proud of his work. You can order his book at You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @doctorgrosz.

We’re happy to have him back on our stage this Thursday night for his story of Scout Law titled: Burbank.