Picking Up Performer Spotlight: Mason Wheeless

Mason has been sober for 9.5 years after a 13-year “career” in severe alcoholism & some not so short jail/prison stints. In the time since finding sobriety & his new life, Mason has run 11 marathons & the Grand Canyon, has visited 26 countries as an avid traveler & lover of the Earth and has met & married the absolute love of his life & his partner in (non-)crime. He looks forward to a long life pursuing various passions & hopes that this evening with Testify can be the start of a new path sharing his experiences with anybody who might be able to learn from his mistakes.

Tonight, Mason will tell his tale of what he picks up after embracing accountability in his piece Crashing.


Picking Up Performer Spotlight: Kati Taylor

Kati Taylor is a first-time Testifier who will be releasing her first collection of writings this spring. She is an untamed woman of untapped talents, but so far she’s pretty good at feeding herself, traveling, raising an equally untamed daughter, replacing bathroom faucets, mangling accents, and talking about herself in the third person.

Kati comes to Testify with her tale of chemistry, conversation, and figuring out what is actually right in her piece, Love Not Lost.


Picking Up Performer Spotlight: Angela Maldonado

Angela Maldonado is from Corpus Christi and produces for Austin PBS. She’s been in Austin long enough to miss parking under I35 for free. Angela is also part of the sketch/improv group, The United Güeys, who recently performed at this year’s Frontera Fest. When she’s not producing and telling stories, she’s taking way too many pictures of her pets.

This Thursday, Angela will share a story of meeting boys and maternal advice in her piece, Coffeehouse Pick Up.