Waking Up Performer Spotlight: Mandi Chase Wolfe

Mandi Chase Wolfe is an extrovert trapped in an introvert’s body. Her health history has been described by doctors’ as “a museum of sorts'”. You might recognize her from her interpreting and storytelling at events around Austin, because she’s pretty sure that storytelling is what is going to save us all.

Tonight, Mandi will share her story of how a diagnosis woke her up to a lifetime of toxic patterns in her piece, Exceptional Quitter.


Waking Up Performer Spotlight: Julie Linnard

Julie is an actor, voice over artist, singer and writer from Austin. She has performed in film, stage, moving trains, Montessori schools and 1830s kitchens. Julie is known for her voice work in the online game Wizard 101, especially as Melori, the Wizard’s sidekick and for her character of Porridge in the web series Master Class @ She is also an Anglophile and a lover of all things cats and bourbon.

Tonight, Julie comes to Testify with a story of reclaiming her body with her piece, Awakening.


Waking Up Performer Spotlight: Jon Fortenbury

Jon Fortenbury is a writer, filmmaker, comedian, and recovering Nutella addict. His writing has appeared everywhere from The Atlantic to USA Today, and his films have been praised as clever, funny, and not terrible. Check out his comic, Beta Male, which he swears is not about him despite the character looking and acting exactly like him.

Jon takes to the Testify stage to share his story of waking up in unexpected motion in his piece, Wakeup Call.