Faith Performer Spotlight: Carol Ramsey

Carol writes, performs and teaches the true, personal story, mostly because it is terrifying. She has a fine husband, three girls and a cute dog.

Tonight, Carol takes the stage to tell of the risk of putting herself out there in her piece The Beatles Live.


Faith Performer Spotlight: Holly Lorka

Holly Lorka is a writer, storyteller and retired stand up comedian who moonlights as an ICU Nurse. Her work has been published in several anthologies and her stories can be heard on many podcasts, including Dan Savage’s Hot Mic. Her memoir, The Captain of Some Ridiculous Ship will be out in Spring of 2020.

Tomorrow night, Holly will share her tale of loss, discovery, and George Michael in her piece Thanks A Lot, Life.


Faith Performer Spotlight: Doug Greco

Doug Greco is a writer and grassroots organizer in Austin, Texas. He has written for Frontiers Magazine, performed on “The Moth,” and his blog “The Yellow Pig” features quirky stories from the small Pennsylvania coal town he grew up in. You can also find him on twitter: @DougGreco 

This Thursday, Doug will tell his story of how a relic touched his life in an unlikely way in his piece First Class Relic.