Potluck Performer Spotlight: Stephanie Noll

Stephane Noll is a writer and teacher living in Austin. Her work has appeared in Modern Loss, Motherwell, and is forthcoming in the Ocotillo Review. She’s told stories at Listen to Your Mother, Story Department, Backyard Story Night, the Tellers, and Story Bar. Stephanie is the founder of Old Books for New Teachers, an organization that helps new teachers build classroom libraries.

Tonight, Stephanie will be telling her story about working her way through college in Help Wanted.


Potluck Performer Spotlight: Adam Membrey

Adam Membrey is a special education teacher who takes pride in being half-Australian and full-Dork. Born and raised in Spokane, WA, he feels a weird twinge whenever he doesn’t meet his 10,000 steps goal every day, but has learned the value of having ice cream and waffles for dinner. His head is full of unfinished movie ideas, digressive blog posts, and poorly-worded jokes, some of which show up on his website,

Tonight, Adam will bring to the stage his story of learning that what we want from others doesn’t always look like we think it will in his pieceĀ The Tools We Share.


Potluck Performer Spotlight: Ladi Loera

Ladi Loera is an illustrator, writer, improv student and story teller.

His artwork is all based on the Mexican holiday “the day of the dead”. His stories revolve around loss and how we can learn from loss. “We tend to hide our grief as if it is something to be ashamed of. But talking about it is the truest way to heal.” You can see more of his work here. You can also follow Ladi on Twitter.

Ladi will be sharing his story of swimming past fear this Thursday for Testify’s Potluck.