Testify is a monthly show featuring performers telling personal stories live on stage. Each month has a different theme that connects  stories that span the human experience. Performances take place the last  Thursday of every month at the Spiderhouse Ballroom.


Kate Caldwell

Kate Caldwell is a performer and writer who has appeared both locally and nationally in various theatrical roles. She has a BA in Theater and Dance from the University of Texas at Austin. Growing up in a family of informal storytellers, Kate strongly believes in the importance of the art of storytelling and legacy of oral tradition. Kate hates bios but loves fried chicken and beer.

  Ashley “Mick” McKelvy

Mick at Home Slice (2)

Ashley “Mick” McKelvy is a writer and storyteller who grew up in rural Arkansas.  As a teenager, she sometimes drove an hour to eat at Denny’s.  She moved on to bigger cities, earning her BA in English and creative writing at the University of Arkansas, and an MA in English and creative writing from Florida State University.  At FSU, she fell in love with creative nonfiction, and she’s been telling, reading, and listening to personal stories obsessively every since.

Paul Normandin

Paul Normandin is a large man with a big mouth who loves to tell stories to anyone who can’t run faster than him. Paul love storytelling, so much so he founded a Imrpov troupe, In Our Prime that creates plays from audience suggestions. Paul is a self-taught Sunday school teacher who learned to tell tales from the very real and loving feedback of other peoples’ children. Stumbling into the community of performers in Austin at 48, Paul remains constantly humbled to perform.


Rev. Genevieve  Saenz

Rev. Genevieve  Saenz, MA is a celebrant and life coach who specializes in ritual and life transitions. She has a rich professional background in theatre studies, education, counseling, theology, and the expressive arts. Her passion for stories stems from a deep curiosity about the way narrative shapes human experiences. In her home time she is a wife and a mom and a gardener and a crafter. Find out more/hire her to perform your wedding at http://www.passagewayarts.com/.

Sound Engineer

Josh Verduzco

Josh Verduzco is an environmental geologist by trade, but pursues a number of additional passions. He is a multimedia photographic artist and member of Austin’s Darkroom Photo Coop. He enjoys rock climbing, biking, and playing the guitar, and plans to someday walk the Appalachian Trail. All of it. Additionally, Josh is not afraid to let you know you have soup on your face. It’s the polite thing to do.