Drive Performer Spotlight: Abel Lomas

Abel Lomas is your inner child on the loose. He’s reached that age where he doesn’t care what you think about him because he’s comfortable in his old, farmer-tanned skin.

People say Abel has never met a stranger. If you listen, he will lock you in with an engaging story. If you laugh, Abel will invite you to watch him perform with his troupe, the Yes Anderson’s at, Coldtown Theater every other Friday night at 8:30. If you embrace equality, he’ll tell you about the Austin chapter of Women in Revue. If you’re a roadie, Abel will invite you to join him in covering 2,500 miles on his bike this year. If you don’t have kids, he’ll tell you stories of his three adult children that’ll scare anyone into using birth control every time. Abel returns to the Testify stage for Testify’s May show, Drive.

Tickets are $5. This show will be hosted virtually on Zoom- you’ll get an email with instructions on how to join once you purchase your ticket: