March Testify show cancelled

The producers of Testify have decided to cancel the March Testify show. We made the decision earlier this week, but needed to notify our venue and storytellers before we went public.

It was a tough call – in our six and a half years we’ve never cancelled a show before, and we were so excited about our performers for this month and their stories. We also understand that the entertainment sector in Austin has already been hit hard, and wanted to do our small part to soften that blow. But ultimately, the health and safety of our audience, performers, production team and venue staff come first. The irony of this occurring for a show with the theme “Blocked” is not lost on us.

We are planning to continue with the April 30th show, and will continue to update based on the impact COVID-19 has on the Austin area. We also hope to add an additional show in December.

While we’re sad to cancel this month’s show, Testify is, at its core, about creating a community and we cannot put that community at risk.