Slings and Arrows Performer Spotlight: Ben Sterling

Ben Sterling is an actor and teacher who has been practicing theatre and improvisation in Austin and New York for over 20 years. He has taught, directed, and performed with over twelve improvisational and sketch troupes, including the recent run of Start Trekkin at the Hideout Theatre. Almost 19 years ago, Ben started his first Theatre company Wormwood Productions, while attending the University of Texas at Austin. Since then he has continued to act and direct, choreograph stage combat, and instruct adults and teens in almost every aspect of performance.

Ben Sterling is still an active company member of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey where he performed for over a decade. Most recently he starred as Lt. Kelly in the Off-Broadway debut of Butler at the 59e59th street theatre in Manhattan. After moving back to Austin with his wife and daughter, Ben continues to study, teach, and practice the art of performance at every opportunity.

Tomorrow night, Ben will tell the tale of taking on the challenge of the Hamlet in his piece, Who Would Fardels Bear?