Into the Woods Spotlight: Melissa aka The Modern Mortician

Melissa (aka the Modern Mortician) is an advocate and educator on end of life choices for the public, as well as a volunteer for Non-Profits striving to improve end of life. A first generation Funeral Director/Embalmer, she prefers to be called a Mortician, as it encompasses both titles. Melissa has been in and out of the “industry” for almost 20 years, and in 2010 became driven to educate consumers on their end of life options beyond just burial or cremation.

She is passionate about empowering families to care for their own in death, and supports home funerals, natural burial options, and more progressive and new/alternative disposition options at end of life. As a Funeral Industry Consultant, she is invited across the country to spend time with progressive minded funeral firms, to evaluate their offerings to the community, and provide guidance on how to serve their client families in a modern and transparent way.

Tomorrow night, Melissa comes to testify with her tale of a burial among the trees in her piece
Bringing Death Home.