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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Performer Spotlight: Mark Gifford

Mark Gifford has been teaching composition and rhetoric at The University of Texas at San Antonio for over ten years. He is the creator and author of the Hyperliterature blog and the Hyperliterature Presents podcast (iTunes & Google Play). Mark is also the co-creator, co-author, and performer of the audio series When Wade Tries to Save the World (iTunes Amazon Audible) and The Adventures of Heroman (iTunes Amazon Audible), and he produces, directs, and edits JR Helton’s narrative podcast Man and Beast: A Love Story. Mark co-wrote the script for the short film “Bout Normal / Nothin’ Special” which won the Platinum Remi Award for Work in Progress at the Houston WorldFest Film Festival. When Mark isn’t writing, grading essays, updating syllabi, or answering emails, he tries, with varying degrees of success, to sleep.

Mark will share his tale of a shifting perspective in his piece Swinging the Pendulum.