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Crushed Performer Spotlight: Paul Normandin

Paul Normandin is a large man with a big mouth who loves to tell stories to anyone who can’t outrun him. Paul is the proud father of Cindy, Caitie and Ben, a too poor husband to Victoria, and a primed theater performer with too little experience and too many years. A self-taught Sunday school teacher, Paul learned to tell tales from the very real and loving feedback of other peoples’ children. Stumbling into the community of performers in Austin at 48, Paul remains constantly humbled at every opportunity he gets to play with his terribly supportive and loving friends who led him to dream the dream of winning a Moth StorySlam. You can catch Paul playing with his Imporv troupe In Our Prime on August 28th at 8:00 PM at the Hideout Theatre in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas.

What could turning 40 have to do with feeling crushed?  It’s not what you think in the case of Paul in his story: My Fortieth Birthday.