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Parenthood Performer Spotlight: Genevieve Saenz

Genevieve Saenz is a celebrant, life coach, and pastor who owns and operates a celebrant services business called Passageway Arts . Her work focuses on the intersections of creativity, life transition, and ritual. She has degrees in theatre, education, and psychology with a focus on the healing power of the arts. All that is to say…she will watch as you paint a picture of your feelings and then she will help you burn said picture in your backyard with lavender and sage, all while reciting your favorite poems. It is lots of fun. In her home time, Genevieve is a wife, mom, crafter, and lazy gardener. Find out more, or hire her to assist with your next ritual at PassageWay

Genevieve will tell a story of generations meeting and parting in her piece Holding and Shaping.