‘Heroes’ Performer Spotlight : Jordan T. Maxwell

Looking for something fun to do tonight?  Catch Testify performer Jordan T. Maxwell in Savage Swords: Improvised Heroic Tales inspired by Conan The Barbarian  at The Hideout Theatre at 8pm and don’t miss him on our stage on Jan 28th at 7:30pm!


Jordan T. Maxwell is an actor, writer, and director.  He has been featured in the Hulu original series Battleground, as well as a number of local improv productions including Live Nude Improv, Nothing and Everything, Kenjutsu, Wanderlust, Happily Ever After, and his own creations Indigo Shift, Strange Worlds, and Lonely Star. Catch him onstage with Indigo Shift headlining the Austin Musical Improv Love Festival (AMILF) at the Institution Theater Jan 30th at 10pm.  A friend recently described him as an Asgardian Jedi, and it’s important to him that as many people know that as possible.