Metamorphosis -Testify’s Performer Spotlight : Clint Harris

Come listen to Clint’s tale about his transformative (almost religious) experience while being stuck in a jail cell for 18 hrs.  This Thursday night you will find out what landed him in there in his piece, I Know Why the Caged Stoner Sings.
Clint Harris is an actor and improviser in Austin, TX. He greatly prefers being onstage to almost everything else in life. He has performed  improv at all four theaters in town as well as in scripted productions at The Off Center and ZACH Theatre. This is his first time onstage at Spiderhouse Ballroom (and he’s thrilled it’s with Testify), but he has told stories in a bunch of backyards around town. If improv is your thing, you can come see Clint in You Can’t Stay Here every Friday night @10:00pm at The Institution Theater until June 19th, or if you prefer your theatre scripted, you can see him star in Lonely Planet produced by Punchkin Repertory Theatre at the Off Center opening July 17th, running through the 26th.