Out of the Frying Pan -Testify’s Performer Spotlight : Cassidy Santaguida

She was the epitome of preparedness, not only ready to tackle a 1/2 marathon in the parched desert climates of West Texas, but ALSO complete a grueling hike later that same day (you know, for ‘fun’). Sunscreen. Check. Food. Check. Water. Check. So how did Cassidy Santaguida come to find herself Drowning in the Desert?  Find out tomorrow night!

Cassidy Santaguida Headshot

Cassidy Santaguida is an Austin stand-up comedian, story-teller, and improvisor who works as an IT Manager at the University of Texas. Cassidy has studied improv at The Hideout Theatre and stand-up at The Institution Theater; she is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival. Her stories have been heard at No Shame, The Encyclopedia Show, Not This American Life, Listen To Your Mother, Austin Bat Cave’s Story Department, and the RISK! podcast.