Love Hurts -Testify’s Performer Spotlight : Sarah Rodriguez Pratt

Y’all, its FREEZING outside tonight, literally! Cuddle up next to a fire and learn about our veteran Testifier, Sarah Rodriguez Pratt performing at this month’s show, Love Hurts. This Thursday she shares with us what happens when she realizes that birds of a feather don’t always flock together, in her piece, My Bird Feeder Brings All The Birds To The Yard.


Sarah , the first person to ever speak at Testify, is a writer and editor based in Austin. Originally from McAllen, Texas, she has a bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard University and a master’s degree in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Her first book, a young adult fantasy novel called Choose Your Weapon, won glowing praise from readers and critics alike; and her highly anticipated second book, Plan Your Attack, continues her exciting YA trilogy about a dragon-fighting Latina heroine. In Austin, find her works at  Book People and globally, online at Amazon. You can read about her adventures in writing and beyond on her blog at ThatsAGirlsCar, and you can follow her on Twitter.