Love Hurts -Testify’s Performer Spotlight : Adelle Archer

How do you know if it’s time to say goodbye to a friend — and how do you do it? These are the questions tackled by our first time Testifier, Adelle Archer, performing this Thursday in our show, Love Hurts, so come check it out!

Adelle Archer Headshot

Adelle Archer 
Adelle is ambitious, inquisitive, and a knowledge seeker. She got her MBA at the Acton School of Business, an award-winning, entrepreneur-led program, and since has thrown her energy behind fast-growing tech startups in Austin, Texas. Her hobbies are eclectic – ranging from flamenco guitar, to hardcore yogi-dom, to live performance storytelling. Adelle has contagious energy, positivity, and enthusiasm, and cares deeply about authentic human connection and empowering others.


While you read up on Adelle, checkout our playlist  (we thought you might want to listen to some sad love songs to get you into the mood for tomorrow night!)