Expecting… – Testify’s Performer Spotlight : Kacey Samiee

Disappointment is not an easy thing to bear, but standing strong in the wake of disappointments and being able to pick yourself up afterwards is crucial when your expectations of success fall flat.  Come hear Kacey share her very personal journey of failure and success in the face of all obstacles this Thursday night at Testify.

Kacey Samiee Headshot

Kacey can be found improvising in downtown Austin with Indigo Shift, an improvised dystopian cabaret. Her company, Strange Cloud Productions, is joining forces with Frame Buzz to slowly change the way films are created and she hopes that in time she can change and positively impact the film industry. Check out Framebuzz in the next several weeks to watch it grow from a social media sight to a professional tool designed to make it easier and less expensive for Indie film makers to make and distribute their films. Kacey helped to produce the now released documentary, To Go Viking , which can be viewed on iTunes or VOD. No Chance, her latest project can be found on Facebook or Kacey’s personal site. For this and more please visit